17 to 22 November 2019


Johannesburg, South Africa

Delegates and observers

300 and 500

The 29th World YWCA Council

17th to the 22nd of November 2019, delegates and observers from YWCAs worldwide are gathering in Johannesburg, South Africa for the meeting of its highest decision and policy-making body, the YWCA World Council.

This landmark event, 29th since its establishment in 1855, will regenerate the worldwide YWCA movement, strengthen its impact at community, national and global levels, in order to transform lives, leaving no one behind.

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Day 1 – Arrival

Day 1 – World Board meeting

Day 1 – Nominations Committee meeting

Opening Worship

Opening Plenary (highlights only)

Welcome and Roll Call

Approval of 28th World Council Minutes

Approval of 29th World Council Agenda

Discussion and Approval of Ways of Work and Rules of Procedure

Affirmation of World Council Committees

Affirmation of 29th World Council Parliamentarian and Notetakers

Nominations Committee Report

Adoption of Election Procedures

President’s Address

Opening Ceremony

Morning Prayer

Keynote Address

Presentation of Basic Mechanisms for Achieving Goal 2035

Zenzele Marketplace

Young Women’s Global Advisory Council Report

Treasurer’s Report

General Secretary’s Report

Town Hall

President’s Address, YW Global Advisory Council Report, Treasurer’s Report, General Secretary Report

Nominations Committee Report

Presentation of Presidential Candidates

Vote: President and Treasurer

Morning Prayer

Thematic Plenary


Zenzele Marketplace

Presentation, Discussion and Vote: Constitutional Amendments

Nominations Committee

Morning Prayer

Thematic Plenary

Voting: World Board


Zenzele Marketplace

Excursion in Johannesburg

Gala Dinner

Morning Prayer

Consultation Session 1

Consultation Session 2

Zenzele Marketplace

Presentation, Discussion and Vote: Resolutions

Consultation Session 3

Vote: Vice-Presidents and Nominations Committee

Morning Prayer

Consultation Report

Presentation, discussion, approval: Strategic Framework and Budget

Final plenary:

Handover of Outgoing to Incoming World Board Acknowledgements Closing Prayer

Farewell Party



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Event Location

Birchwood Hotel

Viewpoint Road Bartlett,
Boksburg, 1459,
Johannesburg, South Africa

Birchwood Hotel

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